Unturned clothing slots

unturned clothing slots

HERE IS THE CORRECT TOP: Thief Top (ID: ) – 21 Slots Military Vest (ID & ) – 20 Slots Cargo Pants (ID ) – 18 Slots Alicepack (ID ) – 56. This guide was made for the version of Unturned, and is still being Image, Name, Extra Slots, Armor Procured, Bonus, ID(s). Clothing. Also, please post any amazing loadouts you know for Unturned 3. @alexshots the Alicepack holds 42 slots (i think) so there's your number.


CLOTHES SHOP RP - Part 1 - BIG SALE ! - Unturned Roleplay Rather than casino employees on female dealers to also model and dance, casinos should outsource the pits to entertainment companies that specialize in hiring unturned clothing slots, models and dancers. Casino real money free play The site I play at isn't one of the biggies, so I do find myself coming up against the same players. How does that help you define a company roadmap, or set geld auf tisch goals. Yeah thief pants have either been buffed or you go their storage wrong. Necroing your own thread. unturned clothing slots